Rumors Are True Party – Amsterdam (Part 1 – Club 23)

After being delighted by the music of Hotel Costes and tasted some limited edition champagnes  in a tres-chic top-secret maison in Amsterdam, I found myself in club ThwentyThree. How I got there? Obviously on a bike. And what I was drinking for rehydrating from the biking? Delicious BUBBLE CANS- must have in everyones fridge. Soon Available in NL.

IMG_1790 Bike: Gazelle

Pochette: Jimmy Choo –

Shoes: Personal Tailored


The Bubble-Cans available in Pink and in Black at Lidl Germany


The club:

Despite being located in the very city center (Kerkstraat) is really a non-turistic environment. Quality music adapts to all tastes, surrounding and decor are elegant and smoothly well combined to the general. Bottles of Moet and Martini are being served frequently, with a meticulous presentation of these.

Is disposed in two level. Downstair DJ Set, cocktail bar and private tables; Upstairs garderobe, sort of a dance room occupied yesterday by random masks dressed people . These connected by this stunning red stair combined with this gorgeous crystal chandelier.

My personal feeling about the atmosphere and the phylosophy was:

Downstairs a posh and grown ups environment

IMG_1798                                 champagne IMG_1750


The Red Stairs and the Chandelier the path you choose to follow which brings someone in its  most suitable environment. (for the one that did read Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia, is resembled me the Purgatory that BTW I LOVE)





Upstairs a silly and childish emvironment

IMG_1796     IMG_1793     IMG_1716     IMG_1720



Cool isnt it? I would definitely advice this place if you want some upper value party evening.

Outfit in part 2.







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