PAN Amsterdam – part 1: Art

Pan (from 23 to 30 November)  is a “holy” fair in Amsterdam RAI dedicated to art lovers of all types and genders. Its is litteraly as walking in a museum.

By walking between a stand and the otheryou feel like walking throigh time and environment. One minute you are placed in the european 17th cetury, and few minutes after you are placed in rhe blowed contemporary art glass of Xavier le Norman.

Old paintings to contemporary design, from photography Hendrik Kerstens to new interactive  3D design.  An absolute must see in the Amsterdam framework. Interesting place to meet and discuss art with others, if interested.


I will give you hereby a small tour of what appealed me, and mostly.. how long my camera decided to be alive that day.




Special invitation from Contempo Gallery, Amsterdam


 and waiting before my friend would have come….


 and finally here we are.


The absolute astonishing glass blowed art of Xavier le Norman, absolute not to be confused with Steve Cohen (Common mistake I heard)


IMG_2255.JPG IMG_2256.JPG

 Javier Gomez.. absolutly unique.


IMG_2265  IMG_2266.JPG  IMG_2267.JPG

 Peter Bremes _____  .




 Unfortunately I didnt notice this artist name. If someone know, feel free to let me know.




Same occured with the following. I was so intrigued by this technique that I forgot to write down the artist’s name. I heard this teqnique is getting a more popular teqnique in the area of Amsterdam. Love it.






 When I saw this, I thought this must absoluteòy be mine. How many times in life we just bind ourself in unnecessary wires, in which at last we feel trapped in. This is a top reminder in order to prevent this for happening.




And I particularly appreciated this combination of jewels and landscape. Sahara and Safari. the approach of the jewels could have been improved, but overall.. nice.






Hope you enjoyed. In the next part, the practical part – outfit and after PAN.



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