Dutch Phrase: “In de aap gelogeerd zijn” how much do you know about that?

In The Netherlands there is this saying that goes like this:

“In de aap gelogeerd zijn”

Literally translate it means: You loged at the monkey.

but there a re 2 real meaning.

FIRST: If you’ve stayed at the monkey, it looks bad for you: you got to an annoying position, you’re in trouble

But do you know the history of this?

If not, do not worry. I met a person that helped me discover and brought me where this saying has born.

In the far 19.. Amsterdam, when houses where still made out of wood, and where sailors were the main protagonists in the Dutch scenario, there was this hostel called  ‘t Aepje of ‘t Aepgen in Zeedijk, close to what is nowadays, Centraal Station of Amsterdam.

images_dsc_0261_6998 filename-brown-cafe-6

They would have come here to drink and sleep before going back in the sea to the Indie.

One day, one of this sailors couldnt’ pay the bill, so before leaving the owner, told him to bring him a monkey once he would come back from these tropical countries. So did he. But, little inconvenience… The monkey had fleas.

In No Time everyone at the hostel had fleas and there the saying comes from. SONY DSC

SECOND meaning: Getting in a situation without knowing how and why you got in it.


The hostel was still attended by sailors, but this time full with fleas. Sailors would have drank the whole night long till the drunkness would appear. Inbetween them there were also some ship owners that needed handcraft on their boats and they would have come with contracts at the hostel and getting the most waisted signing it.

The next day they, the shipowners would have come to the hostel and pick the sailors up, with them not remebering anything, but they were obligated by the contract they signed the night before. From this, the second meaning.

In conclusion: the hostel was packed with monkeys, drunk people and the situation went out of hands.

A very nice day, some gentleman came to the hostel for some drinks, and by seeing the situation, he offered to the owner his house garden to put the monkeys. And so he did. Thanks to this, we have nowadays our ARTIS ZOO in the center of Amsterdam.

Special thanks to R. and the bartender of  ‘t Aepje of ‘t Aepgen.



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