Rain, snow, wind, Netherlands… Which Umbrella are you?

The Netherlands. A land where tulips grow, the windmills turn, and the sea tries to drown it all. Oh ye, I forgot, windy, extremely windy weather and RAIN.

So, beside your clothing choice, which has to be very sophisticated( not fashionablewise, but more warmwise)  you may need an umbrella that prevents  rollovers while this weather occurs.



So, this Dutch Brand came up with this brilliant but awkward idea, Senz Umbrella. An umbrella that resist the wind up to 100 km/h without no risk of rollovers.




As I said, it does have this peculiar and awkward shape, which makes me a bit reluctant in buying it.

I therefor investigated a bit more and I found this genial, unconventional and innovative one of a kind umbrella.


The Air Umbrella is a Je Sung Park Design, published on the web magazine Yanco Design which I couldn’t hold myself in getting one for me too.


What it does?

Basically, the Air-umbrella forms an air-curtain which will function like an umbrella to block the rain. It is possible to change the range of action of it, and the lenght of the control bar. It weights less than a kilo and works like this:


A bit magical eh?! To me it  feels a bit like having a magic scepter in your hand

What do you think about it?

Would love to hear it from your side!

I remain..




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