A bike you will need and The bike you will need eventually – Paul Timmers special

Paul Timmers, dutch designer based in Amsterdam, put his focus on wooden products and interiors. His style is more a traditional classic, with a contemporary twist that makes each item so unique and timeless.


As a good Amsterdam, he is of course a cycling fanatic, and therefore is not surprising that his last design is  a bike. Yes, but not JUST a bike, but a wooden bike, which consists in an amalgamation of solid ash fitted with 3D-printed aluminium parts with a uttermost attention to details.


His answer to this design was that he couldn’t find in the market anything he was satisfied with. Paul wanted something  both agile and fit his design taste, so Why Not designing and producing one himself!

This bike weights 11kg (24 lb) and its peculiarity is that it  absorbs vibrations while riding, making cycling more comfortable, according to Timmer.


 By using an aluminum belt instead of a chain, the bike doesn’t need to be greased either. Additionally, compared to other wooden bikes, Timmer says his bike’s fork is fixed directly to the handlebars, making the fork stronger and steadier than other bikes, not to mention unique. (font Quartz)

                          Wooden-bicycle-by-Paul-Timmer_dezeen_468_4                            Wooden-bicycle-by-Paul-Timmer_dezeen_468_1

This ultimate bike, which is for now only a prototype, cost Paul a 1500 euros ($1,708) to produce and customized for his him alone. The idea behind this will be redesign and reformulate the bikeìs dimension to make it more suitable for average bikers that might be interested to the product; but price will be definitely something to consider. In a fast estimation, price could be lowered by reaching the 1250 euros.
Stores in The Netherlands and London have expressed interested in the bikes, which will be in commerce
from early May 2015.
To see more of Paul Timmer designs, check  his websites.
I recommend!


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