ij-hallen – the biggest flea market in Europe, in Amsterdam (next edition 21-22 March!)

IJ-Hallen - De grootste vlooienmarkt van Europa

Make ART not  €.. this is what you get once you reach the destination IJHALLEN FLEA MARKET.


What is it?

Did you by the way know, that we are talking about the biggest flea market in Europe? I was quiet shocked when I realized that, but it is indeed quiet an excursion once you arrive.

Is composed by two main buildings, both filled with whatsoever thing, starting from accessories, to fashion, plates, furniture etc, and you will find more in between the two buldings at the open-air.

IMG_4380 IMG_4386

As you can see, we are talking about old unused and revalued warehouses which gives a sort of creepy, intriguing atmosphere once inside.

When is it?

The next one coming soon is on the 21-22 March. but you can keep uptodate via their Agenda

How to get there?

Parking is free, and I recommend going there by car if you have in mind to refurniture your apartment or refill your wardrobe. It is reachable also by bike (check Google Maps) when crossing the IJ with the ferry and following direction Neveritaweg 15, and by public transportation you could take from Central Station with bus 35 – 391 – 394 and going out at the bus stop klaprozenweg

Bulding 2

What to expect?

In my perspective, this is a great meeting place for hipsters kinda style, alternative, researchers, artists and why not, pryies. personaly I go to find shape inspirational pictures, used for moodboards and so on.. but I also leave the option open for bargains of all kinds (in my case mostly bag and costume jewellery)

IMG_4340  IMG_4342

But then again, there is enough space for peculiar kinda furniture. I myself fell in love with this two dogs.                              

IMG_4345 IMG_4346

…not counting the amount of silver cutlery, english tea cups and whatever else you could imagine. I will give you some pictures previews in what you will see more or less at the market.


IMG_4350                                 IMG_4352

IMG_4357  IMG_4359IMG_4362  IMG_4367  IMG_4370 IMG_4371   IMG_4374 IMG_4375IMG_4377IMG_4356

Do you have a lot of random things in your cantine and have no idea what to do with it?

Just rent your own space at the IJhallen and be, during the days, the seller of your own things, bargaining, gettinung to know new people and having fun. Here more info regarding How to book a stand

I have different feelings about this market.

If you happen to go, let me know what you think.. curious about your opinion.




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