Deliroma delicatesse – The new Amsterdalian Experience and REAL PANINI in Singel379

You want a Real Italian Taste and Feeling, but you are stocked in The Netherlands for any reason or just visiting?

Well.. DeliRoma is something you should really give it a try. 

In the absolute city center of Amsterdam, next to Dante’s lounge backyard, you will find this tiny, little cosy Delicatesse. There the name; DeliRoma.
It’s perfect for a coffee, for an appetizer, a fast lunch or a small drink.

Emanuele and Daniel are there to help you figure out the best combination of taste.

I have been eating is so many places in town, but I always missed home (foodwise), until I found this place.
Not talking about the espresso.. Everyone tries so hard to reach the original taste, here the original is the only one they know. 

 Bread is hand and freshly made, vegetables are absolutely fantastic, cakes and bndjej are great and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. You forget that you are in Holland.

They are still work in progress, but they offer now panini, piadine, panzerotti, paste with the absolute italian taste.

I absolutely recommend you this place!


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