Dior – A classic Lady D or the freshly catwalked Diorama? 

I have always preferred Dior rather than Chanel, but the true fact is that a Chanel bag is much more easily wearable than the well known Lady D bag.

As some or many of you know, the Christian Dior’s Lady Dior bag, is amongst the most recognizable designer handbags across the world. This beautiful handbag features a sophisticated design and prestigious materials , as the finest leather, that are fit for a princess. And which better princess could Dior have in 1995? Nothing less than Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.

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In 1995 Bernadette Chirac, France’s First Lady, gave to the future ALady Diana  revolutionary handbag from Christian Dior. This was the black version adorned in blvk leather and featuring a luxurious sticking on both sides. lady Diana fell in love with this item, and afterwards, she collected the designer purse in all available styles. Since Princess Diana was one of the most photographed woman in that period, it was subsequently inevitable that the handbag gained so much popularity. Lady Diana was involved inamy social causes, in which she got photographed with the purse. The fashion house Dior, embracing and appreciating the live and the fine image of Diana, decided to rename the bag Lady Di, and since then, the name and the model did not change. It is a classic that will always remain until Dior will continue to exist (adamearyf0emb-2015).

But during the Spring-Summer 2015 catwalk show, Dior presented a new design, Diorama. A contemporary and architectural shape available in a complete range of styles, from essentials to more sophisticated versions. This bag is so far the most easy ready-to-wear bag of Dior in my opinion, and perfectly manages to replace the so well known Chanel, replicated in all possible shapes and factories.Dior defined Diorama to be most fashionable and architectural.

Here a short video of presentation of these ultimate bag,

The bag can be worn as a shoulder bag or cross body, as it features a long adjustable chain-leather strap. Perfect for everyday, from casual to sophisticated. It comes in various designs, Calfskin, Crocodile, Embroidered, Tufted and Decorated with Flower Prints. Some of the bag designs features a silver tone crest-shaped clasp. Available in two sizes, Diorama and Large Diorama.

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Prices are to be careul with, since the DIOR Calfskin Diorama Flap Bag costs $3.400.00 (9.8″ x 6.1″ x 3.15″) and  Dior Tufted Diorama Large Flap Bag is available at the “comfort” price of $6,300.00 (11.4″ x 7″ x 3.5).

Year after years, I have been collecting bags on bags, starting with my first Prada at my 16, and allowing myself to by a quality bag once a year. So far my collection extends to 9 bags, all art and history pieces. I take them as a long term investment, because these bags will never die in terms of fashion and quality. When I decide to buy one, I tend to go to the country the company is settles and experience their main boutique.

Diorama is in my opinion far more easy to use than Lady D even though that bag is my love because connected to one of the finest women existed in my opinion. Diorama is absolutely a MUSTHAVE, in all senses, and therefore I can’t wait for my next trip to Paris the 14th of April to be delighted in having one all for myself.

So I am curious about your preferences, which one will you choose? Lady Dior or Diorama?




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