Easter in Italy – A day in Venice 

So, here I am, in my own country finally for a couple of days. Just to spend Easter with my family, as tradition wants. 

Italy welcomed me with its wonderful 23 degrees and the clearest sky I could only dream in The Netherlands. Absolutely wow. So for my first day, after finishing some work stuff  in the morning, I decided to have a smal walk into Venice with my beloved sister. So here will show you some random whatever…

EditHere we go..      

I ended up, while driving to Venice, in this little tiny village just before Venice, Mira..   

where I encountered a small trattoria.. and ate a chicken a la cacciatora.. WOW!  Simple, rustic and extremely easy going.


Once our stomach was fulfilled we finally arrived, after long and infinite walk between turists and turists and turists again, at piazza San Marco. Astonishing as usual. With its 22 degrees I could not ask for anything better. Was a long time ago since I have been in Venice and as usual its spreads so much energy. So I decided to take some time to take pictures of the city and in request, the outfit. So I hope you like it. I call this one, a casual sophisticated day today outfit. Hope you like it. 

The City 


The outfit    

It was windy… 😑  


Shopping: obsession of the month? Essences & Parfumes

I ended up, while walking in all those insanily overcrowded calle (streets of Venice), The Merchant of Venice.

The name comes from the merchants from the Asia, with fabrics and perfumes that were meeting in this city of unique identity. This is how The Merchant of Venice has born, a brand of superior craftsmanship which offers various product lines, all linked to the Venetian soul. Fragrances, essences, body care, eau de toilette and eau de parfum meet with the well known glass from Murano. Perfumes have this unique and precious bottles in which they are contained, adding to the olfactory pleasure an extraordinary visual experience. This all enhanced by suggestively frame of an old pharmacy renovated in field San Fantin, near La Fenice theater I got sublimed with one fragrance and still extremely excited about it. Black pure opium. Absolutely wow. Price is adequate to the extreme high quality of the product. 

This can be found at:

Campo San Fantin, 1895
Spezieria all’Ercole d’Oro, Strada Nova, Cannaregio 2233, Venezia (VE)



In the evening, I got sublimed by my friend, who normally is chef at Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice. 

Before eating, we went all crazy at the Hilton Lounge Bar, a rooftop terrace with the whole overview of Venice. A MUST GO! Cocktails are great, and wine is superb.  The view is Astonishing!  

  Picture taken from hilton website 

I was lucky enough to have my friend all for me! So I invited him to my apartment in Venkce and we started preparing la creme de la creme of fish dishes; fish in salt crust and mussels  in wine and pepper. 

Receipt on request 😉  



I ended up my Venice journey the next day with a classic italian breakfast, with Ginseng coffe and brioche, and for the occasion, a Mimosa.. Typical italian patisserie, with of course a cigarette. (Not healthy but a must be in my routine) .  


This is all about Italy. Hope you could live with me part of my small vacation and of the sun. Here it’s fantastic. But looking forward to come back to Amsterdam. 

Many projects and many interviews coming soon. 


Ladyinamsterdam (Italy atm)  


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